IT projects are full of risk — make sure you choose a vendor that can deliver — here are some of our favourite success stories.

Financial Services Software Provider

To help deliver a new cash management platform using Clojure and Kafka


JUXT assisted teams at Gresham Technologies to build out features ahead of the product launch with a major bank.

The product uses an innovative event driven architecture backed by Kafka Streams, using techniques such as event sourcing and CQRS. JUXT were able to quickly get productive with the system and slot into teams, providing expertise and feedback, to help them deliver on target and on budget.


Clojure, Kafka Streams, Event Sourcing, CQRS, GraphQL

JUXT devs have been great, excellent from beginning until the end. JUXT have been easy to work with, fitted in with our processes, and everyone on the team has been really positive.

Colin Reid, Development Manager

Online Mental Wellbeing Community

To develop Clojure and Kafka streams applications for data processing


Kooth engaged with JUXT to build Kafka Streaming apps in the emerging Kooth Data Mesh: simplifying topologies, improving testing and writing new data products.

JUXT also helped with the infrastructure roll-out and data migration.


Clojure, Kafka Streams, Data Mesh

Major Telecommunications Provider

To build the back-end of a rewards and loyalty programme for all UK mobile customers.


Highly scalable platform, delivered into production in 8 months, on time and on budget.

Successfully launched, currently serving >3 million active users, the system has proven highly reliable, with 100% uptime and zero outages.


AWS, Clojure

We worked with JUXT in a close partnership for a number of years. JUXT were instrumental to deliver a solution with great quality and time to market.

Mattia Piccinini, Strategic Solutions and Technology, Senior Director

Leading European Investment Bank

To deliver an innovative public-facing global sales platform for a multi-national investment bank


JUXT delivered a highly innovative data-driven user-interface, covering multiple life-cycle phases of complex structured derivatives.


ClojureScript, JSON Schema

The JUXT team are tremendously technically capable, delivering elegant solutions to complex problems.

MD, Investment Bank

Leading Property Portal

To deliver a viable competitor to the UK’s property portal duopoly in just 9 months


JUXT led development of the platform which was launched in 2015, on time and on budget.


Clojure, AWS, ElasticSearch

The web applications exceeded our expectations on functionality and time to market. JUXT led the development team through this period of incredible achievements.

Morgan Ross, Technical Director

Major US Investment Bank

Bitemporal queries on a K/V store


JUXT was brought in to help solve the problem of adding complex queries on an existing K/V store containing billions of assets and positions.

A GraphQL interface to introduced to allow rich queries across the entire store. The backend was built to support bitemporality, so that queries could be made against end-of-day trading positions with adjustments.


Clojure, GraphQL, RocksDB

Earth Science AI startup

Helping to improve crop yields in the face climate change


JUXT developed the front-end user interface for a demanding range of mobile devices.

The application allows independent farmers to exploit data to improve their yields and make better economical and environmental decisions.


Clojure, Heroku, Datomic, Reagent, Re-frame

Sports Betting Exchange

From prototype to launch


Delivered a secure and performant financial platform, tested to handle 10 million users with over 4000 prices changes per second.

Included payment processing, back-office, integration of multiple sports feeds and demand user interface on web and mobile. Passed a UKGC regulatory compliance audit, and handed over to an in-house team following the launch of the platform.


Clojure, AWS, Redis, Datomic, Rum, React Native

We needed JUXT to come in and build us a scalable platform that could handle realtime peer-to-peer betting transactions, to help us disrupt the UK gambling industry. They used their experience to build us a secure and compliant system, that we could release to market

Daniel Schreiber

Electric eBike provider

Building the infrastructure for an electric powered bikes scheme


JUXT built the backend infrastructure, dashboards, allocation logic and tracking for a bike-hire scheme in Spanish cities.

In addition, JUXT built the public kiosk software (using ClojureScript) for individuals to register and hire bikes.


Clojure, ClojureScript, Postgres, AWS

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