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Jon Pither
CEO & Co-founder

It’s 2016 and this 6th October, JUXT are hosting XT16. Since 16 is such an important and nostalgic number for us programmers we felt it would be a shame not to mark it in some way. So we’re bringing together some of the people that have inspired us over the years.

XT16 is a one-day curated conference. Set in the UK countryside just north of London --- in a secure automotive testing facility --- we will be exploring technologies that push the boundary.

JUXT is a firm that specialises in Clojure, but this is not a conference solely for enthusiasts of the language. Where Clojure will feature, it will be live-coding demonstrating the art of the possible and the beautiful.

We’ve got an amazing line up of speakers, and have knitted together an electic series of playful sessions, technical talks and thought-provoking discussions examining the bigger questions impacting our society through technology. From futurologist and Radio 4 broadcaster Professor James Woudhuysen, Portia Tung, Karsten Schmidt, Sam Aaron, ThoughtWorks’ James Lewis, Tommy Hall, Kris Jenkins and more, we’re sure you’ll be challenged and entertained.

Of course, the quality of the speakers will be matched by the quality of the venue, gourmet food, speciality coffee (from our local artisan coffee shop) and bespoke craft beer (from the excellent XT brewery based near the venue).

Numbers are limited to just 128 tickets, which we expect to sell fast. Get yours at

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