XT16: Two weeks to go!

Not long to go before our conference

XT16: Two weeks to go!

September 23, 2016
Jon Pither

It's less than two weeks to go until XT16 - our one day conference on Thursday, 6th October.

The T-shirts are at the factory, the beer is brewed and bottled, and the beer glasses have been delivered, we're in the process of tuning the Ukes. The installation of the espresso machine has been planned, the hog roast has been ordered (along with vegetarian and vegan options), the axes, the bows and arrows and lots more besides. There's a lot going on behind the scenes but we think we've covered everything (at least we hope so!)

We're really pleased that many of our guests are flying in for the event and we're confident it's going to be a day to remember.

Above all we're excited about our speakers. We've produced a programme we feel will be imaginative, informative, inspiring and sometimes challenging for our guests. The theme of the conference is 'Technology at Play', combining the ideas that working with technology can be playful, the importance of nurturing our creativity and the serious role technology will play in our lives ahead. See the programme here.

The venue is set in the countryside in a secured automotive testing facility; if nothing else the experience will be unique.

For those of you who are staying in The Hub MK the evening before, we've got a reservation at the Banana Tree restaurant/bar nearby for 9pm and we look forward to welcoming you.

We're very nearly sold out - we have but a handful of tickets left before we meet our strict ceiling. If you'd like to come then please see our ticket page here. See you in two weeks!