JUXT are hiring in Toronto

Clojure, Datomic

JUXT are hiring in Toronto

August 27, 2017
Malcolm Sparks

JUXT has seen steady growth over the last five years, and we are in the exciting position to be expanding beyond the UK. We are looking for talented colleagues in Canada.

Over the course of my career I've been involved in many tech successes and a good many failures. I'm sure these experiences contributed to a sense of what factors influence the best outcomes. Working in the tech industry means you get to meet a lot of people with different experiences, but many come to embrace similar values: simple, uncluttered, open, evident.

Working on large software systems, you realise that every system is unique, with its own characteristics. You get to notice how crucial good foundations are - just like raising kids!

When Jon and I started talking about forming JUXT, back in 2012, we attached a great deal of importance to choosing the best foundations on which to build new systems. We felt the technology industry was somewhat ambivalent about good technology choices. In theory you can build anything in software with any tool, but in practice, we still felt good foundations and tools were vital to giving your project the best chance of success. JUXT has always therefore been uncompromising in seeking technologies that match our values.

Over the past five years this approach has been validated, as we've been able to put into practice what we believe. The systems we have helped to build have been solid, robust, flexible but reliable. We've worked hard at improving our own skills in design, security and automation. But we're continuously learning, becoming better, and continually mastering our craft and improving our project templates.

For the past five years we've been working on a variety of international projects based out of the UK, but now we're taking the leap to journey into a new location: Toronto. We are building a state-of-the-art data fabric with Datomic and Clojure for a financial client.

If you live in Canada and would like to join us, then do drop us a line. We'll be visiting in September to set things up, and it would be lovely to meet you. Send us a note at careers@juxt.pro and we'll be in touch.

But if you can't join us in Toronto, we are actively seeking new JUXT colleagues in the UK, as well as remote - so if working with Clojure full-time appeals to you, get in touch.