We're making a podcast!

I'm going to go a bit further into why we're doing this below but if you're short on reading time and just want to jump straight into an episode, check out the links below.

Why do we even need a podcast?

Now you may be thinking, "but you already have a blog, why do you need a podcast?" and its a good point. However there are still many more interesting ideas and conversations that we have, during lunch, or at the pub, which aren't quite right for the blog format but we still think more people should have access to this.

And that's where the podcast comes in. It's simply another outlet for us at JUXT to discuss our open source projects, debate with one another about whatever the latest office arguments are (maybe someday someone will make a convincing argument for vim?) and just generally allow any employee to pick up the mic and have a voice about anything.

The JUXT approach to digital media

For me it became immediately clear that JUXT was somewhere I wanted to work after I was researching the company during my interview stage 2 years ago and stumbled upon a video of Jon interviewing Sam Aaron while Malcolm attempted to punt a boat down a river with the grace of a somewhat tipsy penguin - or promoting XT16 while jumping on a trampoline - or hanging off an amusingly small rock climbing wall. It just seemed so genuine.

So much of the digital media that companies put out these days completely fail to convey any sense of character. It seems as though its often commissioned by a marketing department who contract some third party production company who film actors or use stock footage/images to produce an end-product that could literally be used for any company in any industry.

So since joining JUXT I've always wanted to become more involved in producing more of this type of content. The sort of thing that actually represents our company values, rather than just the vague risk free Our company values are to be a good company! And also to not be a bad company! (with stock photo of smiling suits).

The problem these companies face is that producing quality content is actually quite difficult. It takes a significant amount of time and equipment to produce something that actually looks professional, and for a lot of companies a professional look and feel is a necessity, and its significantly cheaper for them just to hire some professionals to do it for them. However, this isn't the JUXT way. We do almost everything ourselves, from our HR system to putting together our own computers and desks, and we're proud of it!

Now, there is a big difference between writing software to handle our HR and creating a new podcast or video series. Software is literally our business, we all know how to do it and we do it well. Making a podcast however is a little out of our comfort zone, but we're sticking to our goal of producing it 100% independently so that we can maintain that feeling of authenticity and transparency which is important to us.

We'll also be adding a lot more content to our YouTube channel. As well as videos of our podcast recording sessions, we're in the process of documenting some of our internal procedures which we're making public for no real reason other than why not?.

You can see the first example of this in our secure password generation procedure here. And don't forget to check out (and subscribe) to our podcast, its on all of the major podcasting services.

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