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When we approach a new project, whether it’s joining an existing software team to get a project over the line, or designing and building an ambitious new system from scratch, we work with our clients through the following stages:

Discovery, Pre-delivery, Delivery and Support.


We talk with stakeholders from across your organisation and run deep-dive sessions to discuss the systems and features we'll build through face-to-face meetings, white-boarding tools, consuming documentation, designing artefacts you have already, and taking copious notes. Discovery might happen over a half-day, or many days for larger projects.

Our goals during discovery are:

  • to understand the context of the project in-depth, and
  • to create a backlog of high-level product features.

We split the backlog into phases, each lasting 6 to 12 weeks, and typically resource and price work phase-by-phase. Phasing helps us break down large projects into tractable pieces and allows our clients to take stock at regular intervals.

Once Discovery is complete, we create a Statement of Work covering the first phase of the project, which is a formal agreement outlining how many engineers we will devote to the project, how long for, the agreed rate(s), and the works we expect to complete.


This is where we bring our skills and experience to bear, to build exceptional things, fast. During delivery we’ll always:

  1. Work iteratively, delivering small changes incrementally and seeking regular feedback.
  2. Communicate regularly and clearly, so that progress on the project is well understood.
  3. Be ready for change, and react to it quickly.

Working iteratively means deploying features early and often, and seeking feedback to validate our path. With each iteration we will:

  • Break down the next high-level feature into detailed engineering tasks.
  • Work with regular stand-up meetings that project stakeholders are welcome to join.
  • Conclude our iteration with a demonstration session, or Show & Tell, to explain recently delivered features and system components.

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Every JUXT project is a little different.

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