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We are a Platinum Sponsor of Strange Loop 2022. From September 22nd, you’ll find us in the JUXT booth at the Union Station in St. Louis, MO, where some JUXTers will be thrilled to connect with you.

We hope you can stop by and say hi! We’d love to hear about you and what you have been up to.

JUXT Cast:
Strange Loop Preview

Listen to Jon Pither, Malcolm Sparks, Joe Littlejohn, Jeremy Taylor, and Renzo Borgatti going through the Strange Loop 2022 agenda and picking the talks they are excited about the most.

38 Minutes

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Håkan Råberg

JUXT Head of Research

In a distributed setting with a large amount of append-only immutable data, the strategies needed to effectively index data change.

Recent research in database indexing is exploring so called "learned indexes", which uses machine learning to build predictive models of the data, and also adaptive indexes - where the indexes start out as small lightweight metadata that helps navigate the raw data, and become more fine - grained as the data is queried.

In this talk, we'll discuss the engineering constraints we run up against in this setting, and how to solve them in ways that leverage the append-only and immutable nature of the underlying data.

"Light and Adaptive Indexing for Immutable Databases"

Friday, September 23rd - 3:40PM - Grand F - Union Station - St. Louis, MO


Jeremy Taylor

JUXT Head of Product

Have you ever had to create an append-only database table to maintain an immutable audit history or avoid destructive updates? Or have you ever had to manage multiple versions of data over time? If so, then you may have already built a bitemporal application!

In this workshop, we will review examples of ad-hoc temporal database designs and get to grips with the capabilities of XTDB - a database with native support for handling bitemporal data. By the end of the workshop you will understand the system-wide implications for handling bitemporal data with any technologies and be familiar with how to use XTDB to address common requirements.

No prior SQL, Datalog or Clojure experience is required.

"Bitemporal Data Management with XTDB"

Thursday, September 22nd - 12:30 PM - New York - Union Station - St. Louis, MO


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