Safari: "(Modern) Java for Clojure Programmers"

I felt out of date with modern Java (8+) - what better way to catch up than committing to a talk?!

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James Henderson
XTDB Head of Engineering

tl;dr: I gave a talk: “(Modern) Java for Clojure Programmers” - if you’ve been using another JVM language for a while, and want to catch up with the Java world, give it a watch 🙂

It occurred to me that, commercially, I’ve been writing near-enough 100% Clojure for the best part of a decade now (and absolutely loving it, for what it’s worth). For the first few of those years Java felt like it was stagnating, but in recent years improvements to the language and runtime have been coming thick and fast.

On XTDB 2.x (which is in early access now - don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before? 😁) we’re working a bit more with Java and Java libraries (particularly Apache Arrow).

It’s safe to say that, after a decade away, I do feel quite out-of-date. So, what better way to force myself to catch up than to commit to giving a JUXT ‘Safari’ session (our take on lunch-n-learn) on the topic 🙂

So, as a nod to Rich Hickey’s ‘Clojure for Java Programmers’ - the talk that got me into Clojure - my talk ‘(Modern) Java for Clojure Programmers’ is up now on YouTube.


  • Language changes since Java 8
  • Virtual threads
  • Structured Concurrency (preview)

I’m especially looking forward to the adoption of the latter two - hoping we can take full advantage in the Clojure world too.

Let me know what you think!

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