XT16 - Tommy Hall

Unlimited Register Machines

XT16 - Tommy Hall

March 8, 2017
Malcolm Sparks

Tom Hall is a good friend of JUXT and active member of London's Clojure community, an original thinker, researcher and sharer.

One of the recurring themes of XT16 was personal stories of journeys of exploration, and Tom shares his journey into Unlimited Register Machines.

Can computer programs be represented mathematically, as numbers? And if so, how could you create a machine to execute them?

Tom begins by demonstrating how a few simple rules can be combined to form addition, then multiplication and on towards encoding programs as numbers.

He then expands on these ideas to building an instruction set for a simple computer to execute these programs.

This completes our XT16 talks about composition - from simple mathematical rules to create assembly instructions described here, from assembly to functional programming languages, from functional programming to generated 3D art, mobile applications, user interfaces and music.