XT16: The Programme

The XT16 Programme has Landed

XT16: The Programme

August 26, 2016
Jon Pither

Sometimes you just want to sip a coffee, strum a Ukulele and throw an axe, all while having your mind blown by some of the best software practitioners discussing their most recent technical endeavours, each with the aim of putting the fun and passion back into tech.

This is what the XT16 conference on October 6th is about and the programme has landed.

In order to help us move our minds through a day of deep philosophical insights and creative incitements, we have sourced the best coffee and our very own labelled beer, and also we have a large consignment of Ukuleles being shipped right now that will help us to massage our neurons back into place for further exhilaration.

Our opening and closing keynotes will discuss the humanity of our industry - the ever changing present and future. We have contrarian speakers extolling the values of uber-simplicity versus advanced cross-platform 3D graphical rendering capability.

XT16 is an intimate conference set in a highly secured automated vehicle testing facility in a building that looks a bit like a spaceship. We have the movers and shakers of the London IT scene coming along, ensuring that there will be plenty of intense conversations where you can ponder the meaning of it all.

Tickets are limited and selling out; book yours here.

Lastly we would like to salute our excellent sponsors; pillars of the worldwide Clojure community. These highly successful companies are making a better IT industry for us all.

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