XT16 James Lewis: From the Bazaar to the Bizarre

A journey of open source development

XT16 James Lewis: From the Bazaar to the Bizarre

December 14, 2016
Jon Pither

James Lewis is a thinker and a coder, a speaker and an educator, and is a man with a fantastic memory and vision. I have known him for over ten years and have seen him become a member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board, contributing to the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar and industry adoption of open source, techniques, platforms and languages.

He opened our XT16 conference discussing the past, present and future of software development asking fundamental questions such as 'what makes great software?' and what is the impact of the large companies moving in and dominating the open source scene. He looks ahead at future trends of software development and where we are heading, the massive changes on the horizon that are fast bearing down on us.

At one stage he introduces us to the 'NPM Drinking Game' - call out a noun and if you can NPM install that noun - you get a drink!

I hope you enjoy this first talk as much as I did. Do feel free to add your comments below.