XT16 - Frankie Sardo

ClojureScript Without Boundaries (with live coding)

XT16 - Frankie Sardo

February 9, 2017
Malcolm Sparks

Frankie is our resident mobile expert, having written many commercial mobile applications in his career, particularly in Android.

For XT16, we asked him to present his current thinking about mobile app development.

Last week I wrote about how instant feedback loops can transform the developer's experience of writing code, not only speeding development but that the freestyle experimentation it enables can improve the user's overall experience.

In this talk, Frankie shows how to create such a live programming environment based on Apache's Cordova for developing mobile appications using boot and boot-reload. Of course, Frankie uses the Clojure language to develop the app itself.

Frankie also demonstrates the advantages of sticking to the web programming model to reduce the cognitive load of having to learn multiple mobile eco-systems, which causes developers to drift into specialist skills silos.

At around 14:00 Frankie extends the demonstratration to target the browser, iOS and Android simultaneously.

It's a quick talk, packed full of good advice, we hope you enjoy it.

Frankie has uploaded his demo to his GitHub where you can find all the technical details to help get you set up.

So if you worried about developing mobile apps for all mobile platforms, Frankie says relax!